What is Life Coaching?


"I had never tried Life Coaching before, but have had one session with Estelle that was pretty groundbreaking for me personally in identifying the things that work and don't work with my current situation."

Coaching empowers you to make sustainable, positive changes in your life, whether that is from a personal or professional perspective, or both. You might want to change jobs, earn a promotion, learn a new skill or simply go from feeling unfulfilled to a real sense of achievement. Coaching can motivate you to go from thinking about it, to actually doing it!

What coaching is NOT

Consulting - generally speaking, consultants recommend solutions. Coaching, on the other hand, is discovery-based; I will work with you to create your own solution that is best suited for your unique situation.  


Counseling - this is a form of therapy that is often concentrated on past pain or current challenges. Coaching is future-focused. You create a plan and achieve specific goals.


Mentoring - mentors offer guidance from their own experience to someone who is less experienced in a particular field or industry.


Training - training has a focused agenda and objectives set out by a curriculum. Whereas with coaching you will not be curriculum-based. You set the objectives around your specific needs, wants and wishes.  

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