Career Coaching


"Coaching helped me see that the only barrier to achieving what I wanted was my own lack of self-belief ."

 You might want a strategy to get that overdue promotion or pay rise; or maybe your role or environment have gone stale and you need the confidence and right tack to approach your boss to improve it or maybe you simply want to improve in certain areas.


If you're looking for a complete career change and know what you want to do, my extensive experience of the recruitment market will inform you of the opportunities available and how to approach them. Equally, if you don't know where you want to go professionally, I can help you do an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and what type of job you would enjoy. Then we set about getting you that job through employment coaching.


Typically, career coaching involves a minimum of 4 one-hour weekly sessions. Additional sessions can be added at your request.                                  

Interview Coaching

Interview coaching will give you the skills and confidence to sail through the recruitment process! These sessions are more practical, in that I’ll make you aware of what’s involved in applying for and getting a job, from start to finish.


Between us, we’ll create a ‘must-hire’ resume and introductory content that will engage your prospective employer. We’ll have a look at how best to promote your personal brand via social media, especially LinkedIn. Then we’ll look at the most efficient and effective ways to hunt for a job.


The next steps involve coaching around interview techniques, enabling your skills and experiences to shine; exit strategy from your current role and finally negotiating the best package for you.

Typically, employment coaching has no minimum session requirement. We’ll look at your specific needs and tailor accordingly so you have the know-how to nail that job you’ve really wanted.


"I started coaching when I was looking to change jobs, I was looking for a new career but had no idea what I wanted to do or what I was good at."

Business Coaching


"Coaching kept me focused and motivated and even during periods where I felt I had made no progress, it showed me that progress was to be found in places I hadn't looked."

Business coaching is for organisations that want to make positive and sustainable change for their business. I specialize in working with businesses to identify their mission, vision and values and how to leverage this shared commitment by embedding them across all aspects of the business, keeping them alive, functional and transformative.

In 2014, Gallup conducted a survey of 49,928 business units across 192 organizations, representing 49 different industries in 34 countries. They discovered that margin and mission are not at odds with one another at all. In fact, the opposite is true.

It should be your purpose to keep the mission, vision and values at the core of your business, establishing the organizational goals and objectives. To instill a passion for your company's purpose, the leaders need to address employees' engagement needs. Focussing on aligning mission, vision and values, empowers high performance amongst individuals and teams. By providing this strategic direction, leaders will maximize employee engagement as a key driver of organizational performance and business success.

I can coach your organization through the process of choosing or updating your corporate values, vision and mission. This can involve embedding them into all the major touch points in the employee lifecycle, including performance management, training, recruitment, goal setting.

I can assist in aligning your strategic objectives with your mission, values and visions; cascading these objectives through the different job roles throughout the organization, thereby creating transformational and sustainable change.

Life Coaching

Life coaching motivates you to make the positive changes in your lifestyle you've always thought about, but never achieved. It might be to find more balance in your life, get fitter, feel more confident about yourself, improve a relationship, travel independently or take on an amazing challenge.


You may not even know what it is you want to achieve, you just feel unfulfilled. That's not a problem, in fact it's very common. Together, we will look at various aspects of your life, discovering what is most important to you. Then you will decide what you want to focus on and make a positive change. In partnership, we'll create your personal success strategy. This will enable you to make informed choices that will lead to sustainable change in your life.  I will support you throughout the entire process, and help you to overcome any hurdles along the way.


Typically, life coaching consists of a minimum of 4 one-hour weekly sessions. Additional sessions can be added at your request.





"Coaching helped me to identify my strengths and positive traits, as well as pitfalls that I had consistently fallen into. It helped me to process some complicated professional relationships which had arisen and allowed me to see them for what they were and cope with them."

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