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Reiki is a practice that facilitates peace, wellness, healing and balance. It supports you to connect with your natural healing ability. 

​Reiki aids balancing the being as a whole: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically while remaining non-invasive and free from religious beliefs.

Because Reiki aims to bring balance to the whole person: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, Reiki is generally chosen for all round wellness and healing.

The practice of Reiki on an ongoing basis is a great tool to facilitate a healing environment within, and enables you to access your own natural healing ability.

Life coaching

Life coaching is for anyone who is seeking personal and professional development.


Perhaps you're at a crossroad in your life, nearing retirement, recently been laid off or just relocated - life coaching can help you clarify what you want, reassess what is important to you and align your actions with what you want to achieve.

​Maybe you want to establish some life or professional goals, whether that is to change jobs, prepare for a promotion, learn a new skill or simply go from feeling unfulfilled to a sense of achievement, coaching is a great way to help you prepare for all of life’s challenges and adventures.

Coaching sessions can be conducted in-person in the Philadelphia area, via skype or via telephone if you live further afield.

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